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The Big Curve

Le Grand Virage

With this new model, the LC-01(standing for Louis Chevrolet 01), we carry out a « big curve » trying to hustle the traditional watchmaking codes, and getting rid of the conventional sales methods.

Price: CHF 998.-

(Approximately EUR 950 / USD 1000)*

New Philosophy

In complete breakoff with the old collections, this model represents the renewal of the Louis Chevrolet Watch Company. What are we starting? Simply replacing the 17 actual models, with this new model, showing all our company knowhows. 

This will however be done step by step.

"Many lives, one watch! / Plusieurs vies, une montre!"

We wanted to create a watch with character. Such a masterpiece will definitely not leave anybody indifferent. This very exclusive new model is intended to seduce our most exigent customers wishing to share our views on what should be a modern watch 

The result is a robust case, completed with the addition of very technical elements and integrating a 6-level dial with a total depth of 4.3 millimeters. This makes the dial about 10 times deeper that what we found on a classical watch: a brand-new dimension.

Our technical developments and our boldness in the manufacturing processes strengthen the quality and the value of our watch. We made modern and innovative industrial production choices, breaking off with the traditional fabrication technics. This model uses many internally developed patents.

One only goal: to offer the design codes and the technical innovative processes usually reserved to the high-end watches, but with unequalled prices.. 

"Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them"

Development & Fabrication

Fully made in Switzerland

The movement is made in Switzerland, all the rest of the components in the Swiss Jura, the cradle of watchmaking industry in Switzerland. We decided for bar turning production, a mastered process in Jura as much in a qualitative way as in a price way.   


Innovations in the fabrication

Numerous industrial technologies were used to realize the LC-01.


Carbon disc

Innovative fabrication and decoration processes for these ultra-light carbon discs, essential for the 1/10 second chronograph


Horns’s inside 3D engraved

Laser technologies used for the decoration of the inside  part of the horns


Decorated dial

The patented “structural projection technic” allows us to decorate the dial pieces with any design or color in a quality-price ratio never equalized.

Site AJS Production



Luminous multi-level hands laser decorated


Case’s bottom 3D engraved

High resolution multilayers 3D engraving, mixing textures and surface states

Site AJS Production


Crown protection

System of crown protection with piston protecting the translation of the crown and increasing the protection and the robustness of the system

Marketing :

Our 3.0 marketing strategy will be mainly done over the social networks.

We will give the impulsion to our customers to participate actively to the image of our brand and to its broadcasting. The aim is that every owner of a Louis Chevrolet watch shares his experience in an original, an innovative or an humoristic way.

A true and authentic marketing, corresponding to the image of our customers.

Distribution strategy :

At the same time of our image, we completely renewed our distribution strategy. We want to get rid of the conventional distribution channels, to be able to have a very competitive quality-price ratio.

The sale without middleman (in our manufacture, on internet, during events, pop-up stores, or clubs) allows us to propose this watch at a public price of CHF 998.-

Three different versions available

Classic, Sport & Fashion

For more information, visit the  LC Collection page


*  Prices in EUR or USD are only given as an information. The official selling price is in CHF.