The Factory

Created in the Swiss canton of Jura, the birthplace of watch manufacturing and of Louis himself, the “Louis Chevrolet Watch Company” draws on regional skills and craftsmanship. The rich local traditions and experience enable our company to entirely master the production process.

All technical and design developments are created in our own workshops.  We produce most of our watch components as well as decorate all our movements in-house. The manufacturing process ends with final assembly and quality control of our timepieces.



In the heart of our watchmaking workshops

Our know-how allows us to master the process in high end watch production. It is a combination of the latest manufacturing technologies, like using optical and numerical techniques, as well as the more traditional touch like handmade movement decoration.

Our working philosophy enables us to be flexible and efficient in order to satisfy our clients’ requests: From limited series to the creation of a tailor-made and unique timepiece

Our history

Since 2006 present for you

Louis Chevrolet Watch Company SA has been founded on January 17th 2006. Since this day, our company has never stopped innovating and diversifing itself to offer our clients quality and affordable Swiss Made watches.

After developping and marketing years after years more than 17 different watches models (Collection vintage), the company has started in 2016, for it's 10th birthday, a "Big Curve" in term of products and distribution.

The LC line, which the LC-01 is the first product, is born from the will cvccccccccc