Louis Chevrolet Big Curve

With its late 2016 release of a new line of watches - the first being the LC-01 - Louis Chevrolet makes a sharp turn, upsetting traditional watch-making codes all while freeing itself from conventional distribution techniques.

New philosophy

In a complete break with previous collections, this line marks the revival of Louis Chevrolet: the replacement of a collection of some twenty Vintage line models with a new line marshaling the entirety of our manufacturing expertise.

"Many lives, one watch! / Plusieurs vies, une montre!"

We wanted to creat a line of watch with character - watches that no one could rest indifferent to. These exclusive new models are aimed at a demanding clientele, one that shares our perspective on what a modern watch should be.

The LC-01 boasts a robust case, complemented by the addition of specializes technical components on a 6-level dial with 4.3mm depth. That's 10 times deeper than a traditional watch - it's another dimension!

Our techncal innovations and bold choices in manufacturing procedures underscore the quality and value of our watches. Our modern industrial production techniques break completely with tradition. All our models are the result of several patents developed and filed by Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches.

All with one goal: offer the absolute best in design and production at unparalleled prices.

"Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them"

Development and Fabrication

History of the  LC-01, the line's first model


The movement is produced in Switzerland; most of the rest of the components are made in the Swiss Jura.

We've opted to use bar-turning production, a field the Jura has mastered both in quality and price.

Innovations in the production

Numerous industrial production and engraving technologies were employed in the creation of the LC-01


Carbon disc

Innovative fabrication and decoration processes for these ultra-light carbon discs, essential for the precise functioning of the 1/10-second chronograph.


3D engraving of case interiors

Laser tachnology used in the interior decoration of cases.


Decorated dial

Our patented "structural projection" method lets us decorate dial components with any motif and color at an unequaled value.

More information: AJS Production



Luminescent, multi-level hands, laser-cut and -decorated.


3D-engraving bottom

High-definition, multi-level 3D laser engraving, mixing surface states and textures.

More information: AJS Production


Crown protection

Crown protection system on the piston accompanies crown movement and reinforces the system.


Our 3.0 marketing strategy is collaborative and largely executed on social media.

We give spur our clientele to take part in the brand's image and its dissemination, inviting them to share their personal experience of the brand and their product in creative and lighthearted ways.

A marketing campaign true to our clientele.

Distribution strategy

Just as we've revamped our image, so we've revolutionized our distribution strategy. We've freed ourselves from traditional distribution channels in order to offer unparalleled value.