The history

From the man to the watchbrand in a few words

Discover the exciting and tragical destiny of Louis Chevolet, founder of the Chevrolet Motor Car Company, and the history behind the Louis Chevrolet  Watch Company.

Louis Chevrolet

Birth of a Swiss Watchmaker's son


Second of a family of seven, Louis Chevrolet was born on December 25th 1878 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, where his father was working in the watch industry.

In 1880, with the end of the economic crisis, Louis' talented watchmaker father returned to work in his hometown of Bonfol. The family was then living in Beurnevésin, a neighboring village.

The itinerary

Path of an adventurer

In 1887, the family moves to Beaune, France. Louis is now 8 years old. He becomes a bicycle mechanic and participates in competitives cycling. During this period, he meets the american billionaire Vanderbilt who offers Louis work in the USA.

However he continues his french experience in the Darracq factory in Paris. Louis finally decides to leave Europe in 1900  arrives on the american soil, first in Quebec and then in New York where he works for De Dion Bouton America.

The driver

The exploits of a racing driver

In 1905, Louis Chevrolet starts his carrer by Fiat. It is under this brand that he wins his first race. The following year, he beats the "Mile" record steering a Darracq.

William Durant, CEO of the Buick group, takes notice of its feats and gives him the opportunity to participate in the development of the Buick Bug.

In 1909 he wins numerous races. He his ranked second on the american championship.


The Chevrolet Motor Company of Michigan was created on November 3rd 1911. It is under this emblem that the muxurious Cklassic Six Sedan was launched, forever remembered in America as a marvel of innovation at its time.

Louis takes advantage of a travel to Europe to come back on the traces of his childhood. When returning in the USA, he sells his shares and his name to its associate, William Durant. True to his motto "Never Give Up", he build in 1914,  under his own team Frontenac, his racing car.

This innovative car, due to the power and lightness of its aluminium construction, brings both glora and death to his brother Gaston, posthumously crowned champion of America.

The legend

End of a man, beggining of a legend


After the death of his brother Gaston, Louis recovers his passion for mechanics. In 1921, he founds with his brother Arthur the "Chevrolet Brothers Manufacturing Company", a firm developing motors for automobil and aircraft industries.

As the 1929 economic crises spreads, Louis gives up the business to his biother and find work at the Chevrolet factory in Detroit.

Battered by illness and the loss of familiy members, he passes away on June 6 1941. He his buried in the public cemetery in Indianapolis.

A memorial is now erected to honor the extraordinary man whose life and work marked american history forever.

Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches

From car to watch world 

Louis Chevrolet being son of our region, we had to honour his name.

From car mechanic to watchmaking accuracy, there was just on step to do. 

Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches are the compromise between high quality and affordable masterpieces.

Our history

from 2003 until today

  • 2003

    Buy of thr rights

    Buy of the rights of use the Louis Chevrolet name, until then only protected in Switzerland. The trademark is now protected worldwide.

  • 2006


    Louis Chevrolet Watch Company SA is created on January 17th 2006.
    It makes and dispatches watches under the name Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches.

    Since then, our company never ceased to innovate and diversify itself to propose quality Swiss Made watches.

  • 2016


    December 2016, Louis Chevrolet Watch Company started a big change in terms of philosophy and collections.

    After developing more than 20 models(Vintage Collection), Louis Chevrolet started its Big Curve, in order to propose a watch line with a complet renewed design .

Sttrategy and Philosophy

Our goal: a high quality watches at an affordable price.

That's why our new models are for the time only to be purchased at the manufacture or online.

in the futur, we will developp a strategy of Drop Points, where customers will be able to see the watches, buy the watches and make the after sales service.

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