Frequently asked questions

Are your watches made and assembled in Switzerland?

 Our watches are mainly manufactured at our factory, in POrrentruy, in the Swiss Jura. Assembly is also carried out on site. All our watches are guaranteed Swiss Made.

What does Swiss Made on my watch mean?

The Swiss Made indicates that the watch has a minimum swiss value of 60%. 

Louis Chevrolet is proud to have a minimm of 90% Swiss Made in its watch components.


What is the length of the warranty of my watch

The standard warranty is two years. In some exceptional cases it might be longer. If in doubt, please refer to your warranty certificate received at the time of purchase.

My watch isn't working anymore. What shall I do?

Contact us (info@louischevrolet.ch) to inform us, and let us know the watch model. We will then tell you what to do.

what is the expected lifetim of the battery in my quartz watch?

The lifetime of the quartz watch battery is between 36 and 48 months.

Mon bracelet est détérioré. Où puis-je en obtenir un nouveau?

Go to the Shop to order a new strap.

Can I change the watch strap myself?

Our straps are designed to be changed easily. With your new strap you can go to any jewelry store and make it change.

Should I have my watch checked periodically?

We recommend having your watch checked every 24 months

I own a Vintage Collection model. Do you still provide the after sales service?

Of course. we provide after sales service to all Louis chevrolet watches. Please contact us if you have any problem.

Who pays the shipping fees in case f a return for repair?

IIn case you need to sent us your watch back for repair, you will have to pay the shipping fees. We will pay the fees to shi back your watch once repaired.


What are the means of payment accepted by Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches?

Orders on our  Shop are only payable online. The following means of payment are at your disposal: credit cards via our apartner Ogone, Paypal or Coingate for our Bitcoin model. However you can also order by email or phone. In this case we will send you our bank account details for the ayement.

Are the payment on the online shop secured?

All the payments made in the online-shop are secured.

Can you give me the address of the closest dealer to try one of your watches?

Our dealer policy is without middlemen to offer you the best possible price. You can buy our watches online, during events where we are present or by visiting us at the factory. For all purchase, you have a 14 days of retrun right if the watch doesn't fit you.

Are you shipping worldwide and at what costs?

Our parners delivers worldwide. the shipping fees are paid by Louis Chevrolet Watch Company SA. In case of a return (in the return period, for mainenance, etc.), the shipping  fees are to be paid by the customer.

How long does it take between the order and the shipment?

We try to keep the time between the order and the shipment as short as possible. Average time would be 5 open days. During holiday periods (mid december to mid january & mid july to mid august) this time might be longer. We will then keep you informed via email.

Who pays the VAT for a shipment outside of Switzerland

All our prices are including the VAT of the delivery country.


Can I wear my watch in the water?

It is not recommended to shower or bath with its watch, even if it is waterproof. Water temperature, soap components or chemical products may shorten the lifetime of some seals. In addition, leather straps age faster wit moisture.

How can I keep informaed about your news?

If you want to follow us, you can join our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & Youtube. You can as well register for our Newsletter.

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