Chrono-Tour Fashion, le Chonographe automatique de Louis Chevrolet / Chrono-Tour, the automatic chronograph by Louis Chevrolet


By Louis Chevrolet

Inspired by beautiful car mecanics, this Swiss made automatic chronograph is the showroom of the knowhow of Louis Chevrolet.

Integrating some of the technical innovations developped in house (Structural projection, 3D engraving, etc.) this timekeeper is of a technical-quality-price ration unbeatable.

The motor of this new line,  (Valjoux 7750), offers a chronograph with display of hours, minutes and seconds. 

For the time there is tree versions of the Chrono-Tour.



The Chrono-Tour line

The watch in few points

Chrono-Tour Classic, le chronographe automatique swiss made épuré et design conçu par Louis Chevrolet. / Chrono-Tour Classic, the swiss made automatic chronograph design made by Louis Chevrolet

Chrono-Tour CLASSIC

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Chrono-Tour Fashion, garde-temps manufacturé en suisse. / Chrono-Tour Fashion, the swiss manufactured timekeeper

Chrono-Tour FASHION

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Chrono-Tour Sport, la montre conçue en Suisse avec un look sportif / Chrono-Tour Sport, the watch conceived in Switzerland with a sportive look

Chrono-Tour SPORT

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Valjoux 7750  automatic

44 millimeters



Subsidiary second

Saphire glass